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Rear-engine riding mowers tend to fit through narrower spaces, while zero-turn-radius mowers are wider but more agile. Overall, lawn and garden tractors don’t maneuver around obstacles, as well as other riding mowers. Most riding lawn mowers have a front-engine configuration, but there are those with rear engines. A larger cutting deck means a longer width, which reduces the number of laps you need to make around your lawn. If you will be using the tractor just for cutting grass, a riding lawn mower is fine.

rear engine riding mower comparison

Easily traverse both flat and hilly yards up to 2 acres, making it a subtle pick for the best riding lawn mowers for hills. The Cub Cadet 30 inch 382 cc Auto-Choke Engine Hydrostatic Drive Gas Rear Engine Riding Mower is a small, rear engine riding mower. Because of its size, it is easy to maneuver around obstacles that may come in the way. This ride on lawn mower features adjustable cutting, adjustable speed, reverse mowing, and headlights. This compact, easy to use riding mower has a comfortable seat and, because of its size, is easy to store in a garage or small storage shed.

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It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty as a quality and durability guarantee. For your riding comfort, the deluxe seat provides that much-needed comfort and allows extra room for people with longer legs. The soft-touch steering wheel is adjustable and the unique Step-Thru frame allows you to get in and out of the machine quickly. For those long hours working on a larger property, the comfortable 13-inch mid-back vinyl seat can be adjusted forward and backward and the ergonomic steering wheel has a nice soft grip.

If you’re a millennial, you might cringe at the word “manual” and probably don’t know what it’s like to use a manual mower. These nativity scenes will add an extra dose of cheer to your front yard, just in time for Christmas. Remove large debris, toys and other obstacles from the area before rear engine riding mower comparison mowing. Independent suspension caster wheels that deliver a smooth ride with less vibration. Cut comfortably at your maximum speed with automotive-inspired, fully adjustable premium 24 in. high back seat with cushioned armrests, ball-bearing seat slide and advanced polymer seat isolators .

rear engine riding mower comparison

Cub Cadet makes our list of the top models on the market today with their XT1 Enduro Series LT Mower. This power-packed dynamo delivers impressive performance and a smooth, hydrostatic transmission that eliminates the need to shift gears. With an impressive 22 HP Kohler 7000 engine and 46” cutting width, this is one of the finest mowers in its class. Some of the best brands in riding lawn mowers include Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Simplicity, Snapper, and John Deere.

Automatic Transmission

As I have a weak left foot, and this unit uses a clutch/brake arrangement, it can be a bit challenging working in tight quarters. That said, it’s quite agile, cuts neatly, and is easy to maneuver in snug spots. It’s a bit tippier than the old Horse, so one has to watch the grade carefully. But due to it’s small size, I can get through my gates to the inner yard, it takes less storage room, and uses less fuel. It starts instantly and runs smoothly, and does have the ability to mow in reverse. The Snapper Classic Mower isn’t the most powerful mower on the market, but it has a solid engine.

  • The mower for the very largest yards is basically a larger, more powerful version of the lawn tractor.
  • Gas-powered mowers are easy to steer and maneuver reasonably well around obstacles.
  • One smart way to ensure this is to stick to one of the best brands making riding mowers today.
  • Powerful engines make the job of mowing your lawn that much easier.
  • A 28″ cutting deck, for example, will cut a width of grass measuring 28″, while a 50″ will, naturally, cut a 50″ width.
  • “The next most common problem was related to the bag not filling or attaching to the mower properly.”
  • You’ll find the exhaust and grass-chute on the right side, and this model also draws air from the top and the bottom of the cutting deck to provide your lawn with a consistent, clean cut.

Riding mowers are more than just a practical choice for maintaining large properties—they can also make mowing the lawn an enjoyable activity regardless of the size of your yard. By eliminating much of the physical effort involved in cutting your grass, the best riding lawn mowers allow you to relax and even have fun while completing this essential outdoor chore. The transmission on this mower makes it easy to shift quickly without having to worry about your clutch. The mower can be used with the reverse feature if necessary and the rear hitch lets you put on lightweight attachments or even tow light carts. At only 30 inches wide, this riding lawn mower is easy to fit into most storage areas.

If you have a half-acre or more of land on your property, then a riding lawnmower can help you with your mowing duties. The suspension removes the bumps and vibration from the machine during operation. However, you’re also going to need a comfortable, ergonomic seat for your mower if you want the best user experience possible.

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Tow-behind accessories can attach to your mower, including aerators, dethatchers, spreaders and carts. Front engine riding mowers have better power and traction to haul these accessories. Rear engine riding mowers are ideally used only to cut the grass, since their less powerful engines may struggle to pull heavy loads with tow-behind equipment. This riding lawn mower from Snapper is one of the smallest framed riding lawnmowers around but thankfully is matched with a lower price tag which makes it more affordable for the average home owner. It operates with a key start and manual start system, it cuts a mow width of 28 inches and the turning radius is also 28 inches. Riding lawn mowers are significantly more expensive than walk-behind models, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a riding mower under $1,000.

Most of the disadvantages of a riding lawn mower stem from them being an entry level model. The engines are not as powerful, the cutting deck has less width, they don’t have as many accessories, and they don’t have comfort features like a cup holder or padded steering wheel. The following characteristic, which is worth paying attention to while choosing among rear engine top rated riding lawn mowers for sale, is the type of engine.

This isn’t necessarily a must-have trait in a good riding lawn mower, and in fact, many older used riding lawn mowers aren’t equipped with this technology at all. Cutting width is important to consider when you are thinking about buying a riding lawn mower. If your lawn is small , you don’t need a riding lawn mower with a massive cutting width. This is especially true if you have many hard-to-reach spots or obstacles like fountains, trees, or flower beds to mow around. If, however, your lawn is quite leather, you might prefer a riding lawn mower with a cutting width of 50” or more. As the cutting deck is placed in the middle of the machine, the machine has trouble cutting under objects like benches, unlike rear-driven riding lawn mowers.

The Snapper 360z 42 Inch Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is an enormous step up from your standard walk-behind lawn mower. This machine is commercially inspired but never feels like it during operation. This is one small riding lawn more that makes mowing as efficient and convenient as possible. Fuel capacity matters most if you’ll be mowing a large area on a regular basis, since having to stop and refuel mid-mow is both inconvenient and inefficient.

Riding lawnmowers feature a complex set of components that are in some ways, similar to a car or go-kart. Electric and gas-powered models have entirely different motors from each other that affect the machine’s performance. For a rule of thumb when selecting your mower, follow these guidelines when choosing your machine. Easily change the cutting Height with the simple moving of a switch. This machine makes it into our review as a great low-cost alternative to a Husqvarna model. If you’re a homeowner on a budget, then this is the ideal machine for you.

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When looking for the best riding lawn mowers for your needs, you are likely going to have ample questions about your purchasing decision. Below are some of the most common questions we have received from readers. The dual-blade 42-inch cutting deck can handle large properties, while an 18-inch turning radius allows you to maneuver it smoothly around small, irregularly-shaped spaces and obstacles. Five cutting height positions and an intuitive control panel provide added flexibility and control.

Featuring design and construction with premium components and materials, this model is a solid choice, and an excellent in-between machine to the two models we reviewed earlier from Husqvarna. The Troy-Bilt 382-cc is the ideal machine for gardeners on a budget looking to upgrade their old mower. This model removes the effort involved with mowing your yard, and the compact design allows for easy storage. We like the rear differential in this mower that increases the power to the wheels when you encounter rough terrain or inclines in your lawn.

Grass Clipping Options

Therefore, tank size may not matter to you much unless you are mowing a massive chunk of grass. Rear engine riding mowers usually have smaller deck sizes, ranging between 28 and 34 inches. Riding mowers with a front mounted engine are outfitted with larger deck sizes, ranging between 36 and 54 inches. The larger deck size allows you to cover more ground at once, drastically reducing mowing time. For properties over one acre, a front engine riding mower is the better choice.

They save your body from unnecessary physical exertion and strained or pulled muscles, for which push mowers are notorious. When it comes to riding mowers vs. push mowers, there’s just no question that a riding lawn mower is much healthier to use. Regardless of whether you plan to use your riding lawn mower for residential or commercial use, you will want to consider whether it comes with a warranty. Warranties can be as long as a lifetime or just barely enough to cover the first thirty days. You might want to consider riding lawn mowers that have warranties longer than three years – these are generally considered good warranty policies. A small lawn might only need a riding lawn mower with a horsepower of 16, while larger lawns could require over 24 horsepower.

Look under the hood, however, and you’ll soon see a difference. Another good option for larger spaces, this one comes with a 27 HP Briggs & Stratton commercial Series v-twin engine with electronic fuel management and a generous 52″ cutting deck. Sloping hills can really add a dramatic look to your property, but they can also be a chore to maintain. Smaller gardens will still benefit from a smooth, flawless cut done in half the time it takes for a regular mower. Of all the rear engine models out there, the Snapper Classic RER 34CC Riding Mower earns its place in this guide as it packs a surprising amount of power into such a compact size. Then there’s the 26 HP Kohler 7000 Series Engine capable of reaching up to 6.5 miles per hour.

They are also the biggest lawn-mower type and require a lot of storage room. The large engine on a garden tractor also means that there is less visibility when driving. When compared to the garden tractor, they are less powerful and offer a lot less versatility. They are a good compromise if you’re seeking a faster lawn mower, without wanting to increase storage space by a large degree. Hydrostatic transmission, power steering and power deck lift are usually standard.

Much like modern standard lawn mowers, the best riding mowers tend to come with multiple cut height options. This is perfect for uneven terrain, or simply to help ensure the perfect cut for your lawn. The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series comes with an excellent 42″ cutting deck, which means it’s capable of mowing a larger area much faster than many of its competitors. There are also 12 different cutting height options, perfect for those pesky, uneven lawns, or simply for giving you the freedom to experiment and find the perfect cut. The best riding lawn mower for home use is The Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower.

However, when processing large open areas, the increased cutting width of rear motor riding lawn mower will save a lot of time. The speed levels it offers is quite good and even the higher speed of 4.5 mph compares well against other tractor riding lawn mowers. A stand is integrated to allow storage in a vertical position which works better for small garage sheds and the steering wheel is comfortable to use and is easily adjusted.

rear engine riding mower comparison

We provided you some options for the best electric riding lawn mower, and reasons why you should have it. Now let’s see how to choose an electric riding lawn mower for your own. Electric riding lawn mower uses an electric or rechargeable battery to run the machine, meaning no dangerous fuel like gasoline to be stored on your place anymore. Your journey on this Toro electric riding mower will be the most convenient ride ever, when it offers you an adjustable seat, with back and hands leaning, foot lift assist and even built-in cup holder.

A ride-on mower with automatic transmission doesn’t require shifting gears to change speeds. Pricing is still quite high on these types of mowers considering the quality of the cut, but if you’re interested in buying a robotic mower, we recommend turning to the category pioneer, Husqvarna. It features built-in Bluetooth and cellular, allowing use with a compatible app that conveniently lets you start and stop the machine from your phone and track its progress. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you could connect it with your intelligent speakers for remote voice control. Adjusting the cutting height is simple with an easy and clear dial, or you can adjust settings in the app. We love that when it’s getting tired, it knows to find its way back to the charging station.

It also comes with an adjustable seat built for comfort, and the company’s IntelliPower™ technology assures users of an even mow—even in thick, wet environments. It really comes down to what type of yard you have to take care of. Size, terrain, elevation, and climate all have unique demands on your landscaping time. Make sure to choose a small riding lawn mower that makes sense for your property. Simplicity Manufacturing is a company that manufactures the Snapper brand of lawn equipment as well as their own name brand. After doing more research on this particular small riding lawn mower, I found more loyalty for Simplicity than any other brand I looked at.

It’s got a 19 Horsepower Kohler Series 6000 engine that packs a punch, a 34″ cutting deck, and EZT transaxles. Every riding mower needs occasional maintenance, and Snapper makes DIY maintenance easy. There’s only one belt, and all of the major components are easy to access. It’s a rear-engine mower, and the design is compact and simple with a five-speed, shift disc-drive system. It’s a little tricky to figure out how to mow in reverse, but most of the features are straightforward, and once you use them, you won’t forget. Snapper’s classic red riding mower is small yet powerful and easy-to-control with a classic style.

As you see in our riding lawn mower ratings, the best rear engine riding mower differs from a usual tractor and simple grass cutters in technical characteristics. Our main goal at homemakerguide was to choose the best among the three reviewed. So, Troy-Bilt Briggs & Stratton Riding Lawn Mower 382cc is the winner among top-rated rear engine riding mowers. It easily digs up the ground, harvests hay, and irrigates crops. And thanks to its maneuverability, it is possible to overcome obstacles very easy.

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